AdBlock vs. WordPress: 3 Ways to Fight for Your Theme Revenue

It is really challenging to be a full time blogger in the AdBlock era as all your earnings that come from the advertisement get slashed by this free app. If you care about your blog and your profits than keep on reading, you will see that the solution is fairly easy.

AdBlock is Hurting Your Blog

The bad news is that the amount of AdBlock customers has gone up about 40% last year. People cherish the advertisement free experience and while everyone hates ads for their annoyance you as a blogger need advertisement money to keep the blog going.

But fear not, we have collected a few solutions for you to stop worrying about the AdBlock and receive your hard earned proceeds. Read on how to tackle the ads blockers once and for all.

What Can You Do About It

  1. You can redirect users to another URL which is considered an extremely proactive approach. For example check out the Forbes magazine website. Until you deactivate the blocker or register on the site you cannot read their content. However the majority of visitors get put off by this approach so we suggest you try something more sensible.
  2. There is also a less aggressive approach; you can create a pop up message. It shows up every time you have a visitor with an AdBlock app. What you write is entirely up to you. Ask them to disable AdBlock in order to enjoy your blog’s content and explain to them how advertisement helps funding your work.
  3. Just don’t do anything and lose revenue for the sake of happy customers. This will at least help attracting more audience but it is unlikely you will ever be able to monetize the traffic.

Win Over AdBlock Users

Think of what makes people use AdBlock. Since people using AdBlock complain on bad customer experience, lack or privacy and bad security you can try and cater to them by adopting other monetization issues.

It is time for you to try and diversify your revenue. First of all start with selling ads directly; using Google AdSense gives you little to no control over privacy, advertisement content or CPC. Think about having premium content paid membership for registered users or pay per view options.

You can also go for the sponsored content, allow advertisers to pay you for mentioning a certain product on your web site, you can also have an affiliate link of your own. So as you can see AdBlock is not so scary and you have numerous other ways to generate revenue while pleasing your audience.