Custom Made WordPress Themes – 5 Ways to Make a Smart Investment

Although WP allows companies to have access to thousands of free and prepaid customizable layouts many businesses go for custom made ones built for their web sites only. The obvious benefit is that you are not constrained by the existing templates or chart. Have your own custom made theme and your personal
chosen functionality.


Typically the prices go up to 5k dollars, but if you want additional integrated features and options the price tag might be all the way up to 10k. And finally if you are searching for a complex corporate level theme the price might soar up to 30k and higher. But there are certain things you have to remember in order to avoid having to overpay. Read on to find out how to save some coins.

Consider These

Have a list of your favorite corporate websites. They will make examples for what you’re looking for.

Draw a detailed project outlook. If you want to avoid revisions thus save time and money you will have to draw a detailed list of things you want to have in your web site. Do you want to have an estore? Do you want a social platform? Do you want a contact page? Think through all the pages.

  1. Do go for plugins rather than built in features, it is more cost efficient. However discuss all the possible options with your developer. Some agencies try to add more features to make the product look nicer.
  2. Who will manage the project? You can do the hiring and have a separate developer and designer doing the job under your supervision. Or pay the developer agency. Agency fees are usually significantly higher.
  3. Keep in mind that additional features and functions add up to the cost. In most cases customers have higher expectations than their budget allows.
  4. Check if your freelancer/agency offers WordPress hosting or customer support. Most custom made themes do not have those although some do offer customer support after project delivery.
  5. Be attentive when picking your website development agency. Many assemblers like to call themselves developers so look through the reviews and ratings before deciding on whom to trust with your project.

Other Options

Think about using a readymade premium segment theme that is the closest to what you would like. The “move and drop” page builders allow you to assemble a WP web site starting a whole new design and development industry.
Although this is not comparable to having a custom made theme, it will give a blog web site the custom made feel and look while slashing the costs.

Choosing a Premium Theme – 4 Reasons to Invest

If you invest into a premium theme you will have a unique design as most WordPress users go for the free content. Some prepaid themes require one time payments, some require regular subscriptions. Anyway you would not regret upgrading your theme to a premium one.

What Makes Premium Themes?

While free themes can be a great starter option with their simplicity and variety premium themes offer better options, updates and customer care. So why should you pay for your web site theme?

  • First of all it is a better coding quality and documentation. If you stick with the good developer of course.
  • Regular updates. The paid themes creators treat their projects seriously providing you with timely updates and latest features. So your theme will always be relevant.
  • Customer support such as tutorials, or even a blog setup help. Most free theme creators treat them as one time projects and abandon them.
  • More features. You will have more colors, design elements and built-in tools.

The WordPress is a very competitive market platform thus some paid theme producers try to add plugin features which is meant to attract users. Keep in mind that theme features should not collide with plugins as it will make switching to a new theme very long and hard.

How to Pick Out the Best Premium Theme?

Study through the theme, make sure that the homepage, blog, other pages and posts have a similar layout and are in harmony with each other. The design should be modern yet understated and aesthetically pleasing, you will be using the theme for a long time and your visitors will have to see it for many more times.

Write down the list of features you want to have in your site. Do you want it to be translation-friendly? Do you need online store features? Write down a list of things you are looking for in your perfect theme.


Remember that some dishonest theme developers might include unsafe quick solutions in order to attract more customers. Too many features mean poor performance and slower speed. Do not fall for the exclusive features or false advertising.

Don’t forget to check out the reviews and ratings, what other companies are using the same premium theme developer? Make sure that the theme coding is good and there is no need to be a developer for that, just stick with the trusted reputable seller. Let us know in case you have more questions we value every comment.

Free WordPress Themes for Your Blog: 5 Features You Need to Pay Attention To

A beginner blogger has to be particularly careful and considerate with all the things he installs on the WP account but fear not. We won’t let you get lost in the variety of choices and options.

Ratings and Recommendations

Now that the new free WP themes coming out every day it is nearly impossible to pick out the right one by yourself. Check out the expert lists from experienced users, such as “best free themes for blogs, businesses” etc. This will save you from headache and make your choice much easier.
User reviews and opinions are another great indicator. Before going for the WP layouts you like look at the assessments and check out the ratings. Look for the ratings feature right below the download. Any piece of software gets a few negative reviews but if they outnumber the positive reviews it should be really
alarming for you.

Things to Consider

There are lots of things a beginner needs to consider, we have collected them for you in order to make your job easier:

  • Layouts are built with different personalization tools and possibilities and if not tuned properly it will be hard for you to use WP plugins. As a beginner blogger we advise you to go for simpler layouts.
  • Make sure your site is mobile friendly. These days up to a half of all people use mobile devices for browsing and in the future the amount of people entering your site with a phone or a tablet will be even higher. Your layout has to be responsive to different screen sizes.
  • Check the layout scheme for browser compatibility. Most software developers check their products prior to publicizing them but you still need to run it through various browsers as well as mobile phone browsers.
  • Check your chosen theme to make sure that it supports all the popular plugins without them you will not be able to uncover the true WP potential.
  • Give preference to the themes that come with website builders. Their “move and drop” feature is very convenient. However this feature can make changing themes very problematic with a lot of unwanted code.

Changing Themes

First of all do not forget to create the WP backup data file ever time you install new plugins, themes or importing new data. You can start with importing and then previewing the new layout before switching it on. Use the “live preview” option underneath a theme. Bear in mind that your settings and menus might disappear, that is where your backup comes in very handy. There are lots of other tips and tricks for a WP beginner so come back for more.

Beta Plugins Testing – Your Contribution to the Free Software

With the WP 4.9 final candidate about to see the world it takes numerous beta testers willing to put in effort into helping development teams create better software. While WP itself has millions of users what do you do if you have a small beta plugin and your software does not attract that many users?

Why Not Try It

All the beta WP plugins are now uploaded in the directory available for a free download. No need for any coding experience to test them; all you need to do is to try out plugins on your offline blog. It is smarter to try out alpha/beta programs on the sites that aren`t live. Since the plugins are still in early stages we do not advice you to use them on the live websites.

Inviting customers to make in trial software runs is vital and most people avoid doing it simply because theyhave never tried to. It is necessary to take time finding users willing to experiment with the new features. If you feel like beta trials are too hard stop worrying about it as it does not require any specific skills or software.

Why Trying Beta Versions Is Vital

Install alpha/beta features like you would set up any others to your WP theme. It will be great if you concentrate on running new plugins with the features you might be interested in using on a regular basis. Every plugin has a feedback button where users leave their opinions. Anyone can contribute to the online community by experimenting with the WP core and features. You are
making a significant impact helping shape the future so why not add to the common cause working for better community freeware for all.

Engaging More Users

If the developer is unable to attract enough pre-release testers yet he has users waiting for the product delivery he is left with little other options but to deliver the plugin uncertain of its live performance. It takes as much effective information as possible to fish out all the bugs and issues and fix them.
The authors got no choice but to deliver the plugin with all the existing bugs unless you keep on struggling with beta testers that are able to test plugins in a safe aka not live environment and that are willing to provide you with sufficient valuable information to highlight the issue. WP is now responsible for a quarter
of all the websites in the internet and is still struggling with volunteers. Do not be hesitant to do a donation and show some sympathy for the freeware builders.

Get the Best from Your WordPress Theme: Plugin Development

WP has got hundreds of different plugins meant to perform different commands and/or boost performance. You can opt for writing your own plugins or make them available for public WP user download. Or get them beta tested if you want to find all the bugs.

Why Plugins Matter

Core is the number one essential WP element, themes come second and plugins come third. Plugins are built to enhance WP potential without engaging its core. The root itself gets erased and rewritten for every new WP version while plugins remain compatible.

To start coding a plugin you need 4 basic elements. You need a plugin header comment, add PHP, functionsand hooks. Make your plugin as complex as you want but remember the essentials.
Eventually you might feel ready to move to the premium plugin segment charging a subscription fee. But this takes a lot of work and experience so do not rush and work up your skills.


Your plugin has a potential to be used by millions of WP websites thus you need to take the security seriously. Start with user capabilities hierarchy, the top user inherits all the rights of the below users and the administrator is on top of the users for every unique website. Once you have all the user roles figured
out follow the guideline:

  • The output data should clean. Make sure to secure the output as well as you can. Use wp_kses command and make certain that the only data making output is specified HTML. Keep in mind, typical scenarios have already been foreseen covered by WP functions.
  • Secure the input. Here you need to use WP tools together with data validation outcome. The WP CMS has a vast array of services to sanitize the unsafe data your plugin accepts.
  • All user inputs and APIs are validated and substantiated. Use WP core functions, hypertext preprocessor functions or write functions by yourself.
  • Every user should have clear capabilities. Each user in the hierarchy has to have different ones.

Going International

That is where you better ask for a translator. Basically internationalization aka i18n means developing a plugin ready to be translated. Your code should foresee the further translation option. WordPress is universal and international thus it should be user friendly all over the globe. Of course internationalization
is a grueling task especially for a rookie, but in the open community you will always have individuals willing to help you.

WordPress Theme Development – 5 Steps to Perfection

Your WP theme catches the eye when visitors open your blog. Any WP theme starts with two core files which are index.php and style.css. Then you make a program folder with other files.

What Makes a Custom Theme

Designing and coding a WP theme of your own means taking full responsibility for what your customers see at the other end when they open the site. Pick your own layout no matter if you want one or two columns, static or responsive etc. It is not only beautiful; custom themes or CTs boost engagement with the online
blog content. But what do you begin with? Built your own local development setting which is way more beneficial than remote:

  1. No more worries about the internet speed and quality. Develop your theme on your own computer without engaging remote servers.
  2. You have better testing options and can check all perspectives. It is very important.
  3. Pick a WP compatible stack and editor, like Lamp for Linux or Wamp for Windows. Each of the programs can be built on your computer.
  4. Create a WP development environment using Vagrant or VirtualBox. VVV aka Varying Vagrant Vagrants is a common Vagrant tool for creating WP friendly environment.
  5. Pick a good text editor to speed up your work and development process. There are modern text editors to include WordPress support option. It does not matter if you have a simple support tool or an integrated environment.

Themes vs. Plugins

You might see some common features between the two of them. The main thing is that a plugin carries a functional role only. A theme carried a content presentation function. While building a CT do not go into the plugin field, leave out the functions. If your CT carries too many functions you will lose them all when changing themes. Make your CT compatible with a few WP versions. Find older WP versions at the site roadmap. Don’t forget to do that if you are going to make your CT downloadable for other WP users.

General Public License

The GPL is required if you plan on distributing your themes. Some custom built themes might have extra support behind thus you will be charged for the access, membership or support. All you need is to be a member of WP, open source information and the GPL in order to develop a CT for public use. All the projects derived from the GPL products must also be compliant with the GPL. Meaning whatever was derived from the free software aka freeware must remain forever free

WordPress 4.9: 5 Reasons to Use It with Your Theme

So the WP team finally has a release candidate meant to see the world on November 14th. Perhaps you have already checked out one of the 4 beta versions of 4.9. And if not we advise you to check them out before you make a final decision to move to an updated CMS.


So far 4 betas have been issued for the WP users’ consideration to test and contribute. Here are 5 main upgrades and functions for you to check out:

  1. Theme customization versions. This new feature gives you an opportunity to save theme features adjustments as drafts rather than making them live. You can also send those drafts as change previews in URL or schedule when customization drafts will go live.
  2. Up-to-date code editor and it comes with automated completion, syntax mistakes underlining and code suggestions. The enhancement will autocorrect the bad parts for you however in case you don’t want syntax highlighting disable the option in your profile page.
  3. Images add-on in the rich text widget. When working on 4.8 you had to write HTML script in order to add a picture but in the 4.9 WP you have the “add media” toggle in the rich text widget top horizontal menu.
  4. Make your own gallery. The WP 4.8 has introduced the ever so popular audio, image, video and rich text widgets. Now the 4.9 version has a brand new gallery feature allowing you to create a WP gallery that can be posted in any widget ready theme.
  5. Various improvements. A lot of small corrections and enhancements are most likely to make it to the final 4.9 version such as better exploration menu mapping, circular data search in plugins and layout editors.


Check out the 4.9 beta trial plugin, you can get your hands on the release candidate on the WP web site. The final CMS version is much cleaner but it is still useful to keep track of the bug list. So far about 80 bugs have been fixed in the beta 4, 70 in beta 3, 70 in Beta 2 and 40 in Beta 1.

Testing and Contributions

Post about the errors you have found, there are dedicated alpha/beta support forums. Make a bug report on the WordPress development staff web site or check out the bug lists to see if it has already been noticed.

If you know a few languages how about contributing to the WP community and help translating it in order to help more people reach out to the biggest free CMS in the world. Anyway WP always delivers best results so you would not regret testing out a new version.

Top Advice on Huawei Drivers

In the event the driver is obsolete, you should upgrade it. If you’ve got an unskilled driver or a vehicle not equipped to manage rough you will need to locate a route that’s direct and as flat as you can. In the majority of cases the wrong driver won’t function in any way. Without the drivers the hardware or software program can’t function correctly. A Flash Drive is a tiny electronic device which is capable of holding mass quantities of information. Or you could ask for a driver and we are going to find it. There are two sorts of Huawei Drivers offered for download.

Your wired Internet connection isn’t working and you continue receiving the dreaded”Page can’t be displayed” error. Since you’re traveling around the world you do not need to be concerned about the network. If you would like to utilize broadband a fantastic bargain there is a increased limitation critical. Make an effort to get the internet if your modem was detected to determine. Check to see whether the modem is detected. Modems may also be found from suppliers. The normal USB dongle is readily available for relations.

There shouldn’t be any attribute differences between both variants but being on the stable construct means you will have the ability to get OTA upgrades moving forward. As there is not quite as much work about altering it involved It’s also simpler to update the versions. It’s always much superior to keep up a copy of Huawei Hilink modem dongle.

Huawei Drivers Can Be Fun for Everyone

MTK may permit you to install passengers if your telephone isn’t first one. Consequently, if it is not being deceted as an mtp device, then you could have to enable it. The phone has mobile online facility also. HTC Evo 4G smartphone has come to be a best-seller for Sprint. Downloading apps is simple, just one click will do. Or you are able to download APTKOR app that’s the ideal market software right now.

The computer may not be turn on. You won’t have the ability to access the web In case your modem can not be detected by your computer. Run software are updated by the software on every one of your personal computers and restart. You may also install applications made for android that are available on several websites on the net. The application can’t identify Linux or Macintosh. Android applications that are certain will also be compatable with the item that makes it an advanced and possibly helpful accessory for virtually any phone to get.

Z10’s camera is you will notice in any smartphone. The touch screen is quite sensitive and you will enter text on the telephone. The unit is worn just like a wrist watch that was traditional and supplies a range of features that were great when paired with the telephone. Normally each device needs to have a driver written for the variant of the system you’re using. Your device ought to be there to pick on the start-up screen. Home networking devices are utilized to set a neighborhood area network (LAN) as a way to connect private devices. The camera interface is also simple to use.

Glamorous WordPress Photo Portfolio Theme

It seems like this WordPress Portfolio Theme was created for an experienced, self-confident photographer, which is not afraid of public attention. He likes to be in the center of argument; his life is like a boiling mountain current. His works are high end, accurate and impeccable. If you recognize yourself, this superb Photo Portfolio is perfect for you. You won’t manage to stay inconspicuous; people will view your photos and discuss them. The home page of this glamorous WordPress photo portfolio contains all content blocks essential for keeping the user on your website. The visitor has the possibility to start viewing your creative shots immediately, which is a great advantage, of course.

However, to make this theme really personal, you should face the necessity of introducing some amendments. Being an artist, you may have your personal notion of your portfolio’s appearance. Our developers have foreseen your reasonable wish. WordPress platform lets you make any modifications and updates you might have in mind. Download your photos into the gallery, change logos, fonts and backgrounds, edit the content; WordPress software won’t demand too much knowledge or experience. We are sure you will get a perfect result and enjoy the process.

Amazing WordPress Photo Portfolio

If you are an artist denying traditional approach and valuing everything original, creative, far from common standards, you will appreciate our cool Photo Portfolio solution. It was created for people free from conventions and going against the stream, personalities deep in their attitudes and dreaming to make the world better by means of their talent. Do you think our description coincide with your inner position? If we hit the bull’s-eye, you are welcome to get acquainted with a Photo Portfolio reflecting your personality and conveying your ideas.

Have you ever seen something more outstanding and original? It’s the very case when cooperation of many professionals results in something peculiar, having no analogues. The designer uses the image of a good-looking purposeful young men as a background. The guy is getting ready to start his own heat for something known and desired only to him. He is dressed in a suit, but wearing running shoes on his feet. The position of his body expressively tells without words that he won’t lose his chance for success.

A slider is the main design element of the template. All visitor’s attention concentrates on the gallery images, being displayed at the moment. It has several navigation options. The user can enlarge the images and view them using either thumbnail based navigation or a scrolling bar. We believe that the solution is rather interesting and uncommon. Menu bar in the right upper corner of the page has a drop down facility. Due to specific design tricks and elements placement we can enjoy the effect of depth and perspective, which unconditionally introduce original touch to the template.


If you still hesitate as to this theme, we hope that WordPress platform will become the clincher in your mind argument. With such highly customizable software, you can post any changes into your Photo Portfolio and make it more personal and unique. You will be able to take part in the creative process and then be proud of the result. It’s a wonderful possibility not only to apply your artistic skills but to develop your own inimitable web presentation which will strike your visitors every time. Hereinafter you can learn more about the features of the described Photo Portfolio.