Beta Plugins Testing – Your Contribution to the Free Software

With the WP 4.9 final candidate about to see the world it takes numerous beta testers willing to put in effort into helping development teams create better software. While WP itself has millions of users what do you do if you have a small beta plugin and your software does not attract that many users?

Why Not Try It

All the beta WP plugins are now uploaded in the directory available for a free download. No need for any coding experience to test them; all you need to do is to try out plugins on your offline blog. It is smarter to try out alpha/beta programs on the sites that aren`t live. Since the plugins are still in early stages we do not advice you to use them on the live websites.

Inviting customers to make in trial software runs is vital and most people avoid doing it simply because theyhave never tried to. It is necessary to take time finding users willing to experiment with the new features. If you feel like beta trials are too hard stop worrying about it as it does not require any specific skills or software.

Why Trying Beta Versions Is Vital

Install alpha/beta features like you would set up any others to your WP theme. It will be great if you concentrate on running new plugins with the features you might be interested in using on a regular basis. Every plugin has a feedback button where users leave their opinions. Anyone can contribute to the online community by experimenting with the WP core and features. You are
making a significant impact helping shape the future so why not add to the common cause working for better community freeware for all.

Engaging More Users

If the developer is unable to attract enough pre-release testers yet he has users waiting for the product delivery he is left with little other options but to deliver the plugin uncertain of its live performance. It takes as much effective information as possible to fish out all the bugs and issues and fix them.
The authors got no choice but to deliver the plugin with all the existing bugs unless you keep on struggling with beta testers that are able to test plugins in a safe aka not live environment and that are willing to provide you with sufficient valuable information to highlight the issue. WP is now responsible for a quarter
of all the websites in the internet and is still struggling with volunteers. Do not be hesitant to do a donation and show some sympathy for the freeware builders.