Custom Made WordPress Themes – 5 Ways to Make a Smart Investment

Although WP allows companies to have access to thousands of free and prepaid customizable layouts many businesses go for custom made ones built for their web sites only. The obvious benefit is that you are not constrained by the existing templates or chart. Have your own custom made theme and your personal
chosen functionality.


Typically the prices go up to 5k dollars, but if you want additional integrated features and options the price tag might be all the way up to 10k. And finally if you are searching for a complex corporate level theme the price might soar up to 30k and higher. But there are certain things you have to remember in order to avoid having to overpay. Read on to find out how to save some coins.

Consider These

Have a list of your favorite corporate websites. They will make examples for what you’re looking for.

Draw a detailed project outlook. If you want to avoid revisions thus save time and money you will have to draw a detailed list of things you want to have in your web site. Do you want to have an estore? Do you want a social platform? Do you want a contact page? Think through all the pages.

  1. Do go for plugins rather than built in features, it is more cost efficient. However discuss all the possible options with your developer. Some agencies try to add more features to make the product look nicer.
  2. Who will manage the project? You can do the hiring and have a separate developer and designer doing the job under your supervision. Or pay the developer agency. Agency fees are usually significantly higher.
  3. Keep in mind that additional features and functions add up to the cost. In most cases customers have higher expectations than their budget allows.
  4. Check if your freelancer/agency offers WordPress hosting or customer support. Most custom made themes do not have those although some do offer customer support after project delivery.
  5. Be attentive when picking your website development agency. Many assemblers like to call themselves developers so look through the reviews and ratings before deciding on whom to trust with your project.

Other Options

Think about using a readymade premium segment theme that is the closest to what you would like. The “move and drop” page builders allow you to assemble a WP web site starting a whole new design and development industry.
Although this is not comparable to having a custom made theme, it will give a blog web site the custom made feel and look while slashing the costs.