Free WordPress Themes for Your Blog: 5 Features You Need to Pay Attention To

A beginner blogger has to be particularly careful and considerate with all the things he installs on the WP account but fear not. We won’t let you get lost in the variety of choices and options.

Ratings and Recommendations

Now that the new free WP themes coming out every day it is nearly impossible to pick out the right one by yourself. Check out the expert lists from experienced users, such as “best free themes for blogs, businesses” etc. This will save you from headache and make your choice much easier.
User reviews and opinions are another great indicator. Before going for the WP layouts you like look at the assessments and check out the ratings. Look for the ratings feature right below the download. Any piece of software gets a few negative reviews but if they outnumber the positive reviews it should be really
alarming for you.

Things to Consider

There are lots of things a beginner needs to consider, we have collected them for you in order to make your job easier:

  • Layouts are built with different personalization tools and possibilities and if not tuned properly it will be hard for you to use WP plugins. As a beginner blogger we advise you to go for simpler layouts.
  • Make sure your site is mobile friendly. These days up to a half of all people use mobile devices for browsing and in the future the amount of people entering your site with a phone or a tablet will be even higher. Your layout has to be responsive to different screen sizes.
  • Check the layout scheme for browser compatibility. Most software developers check their products prior to publicizing them but you still need to run it through various browsers as well as mobile phone browsers.
  • Check your chosen theme to make sure that it supports all the popular plugins without them you will not be able to uncover the true WP potential.
  • Give preference to the themes that come with website builders. Their “move and drop” feature is very convenient. However this feature can make changing themes very problematic with a lot of unwanted code.

Changing Themes

First of all do not forget to create the WP backup data file ever time you install new plugins, themes or importing new data. You can start with importing and then previewing the new layout before switching it on. Use the “live preview” option underneath a theme. Bear in mind that your settings and menus might disappear, that is where your backup comes in very handy. There are lots of other tips and tricks for a WP beginner so come back for more.