Link Keywords and Affiliate Links Automatically – 2 Plugins You Need Right Now

If you are really interested in developing your blog from a hobby to a business a good theme is not enough. If you are a good marketer you understand all the potential of your blog. Affiliation is a much better form of  advertisement, product placement beats Google Ads. You already know about the connection between advertisement revenue and the affiliate links aka AL. Don’t lose proceeds and get full recognition from the sponsored articles.


Navigating AL and placing them in the text properly is quite time consuming. Plus you will always miss out on a certain keyword no matter how hard you try. Nothing beats AL software meant to take care of auto tuning keywords. They are called ThirstyAffiliates and Pretty Link Pro aka TA and PLP. Now you’re still
wondering how they might help you. Here is a list of reasons why you should have installed them long ago:

All the past and future posts will be auto tuned with AL. This is especially convenient for blogs with multiple writers. No need to tune words and AL manually anymore. No worries about your AL being traced and your web site being kicked.

You will get back what you have paid for, the TA starts with a onetime payment of $ 49 and the PLP is $ 57 a monthly subscription for the Pro status. Both activate with a key to be pasted into the WordPress settings.

The component also allows you to Google-proof your affiliates. The “don’t follow” option means that Google will not be able to trace your affiliates thus it will not dump your site. However this is not a reason to spam with AL, you should be sensible with your keywords.

  • All you AL and keys will never be lost. They will all be safe and sound in the memory.
  • PLP shortens the URL address of your AL making them smart and smooth to the eye.
  • Using PLP you can make sure the domain name is added in the beginning of the AL address.
  • You reap what you sow, especially when it comes to marketing. So one god advice you can take from us is: do not hesitate to invest into proper software.


Don’t worry about the AdBlocker anymore; AL marketing is a good way to beat it as nothing stops ads from the end customer. And you can easily trace your AL traffic any time. Come back to us should you have more questions and don’t forget to leave your comments down below. And remember all the time money and efforts invested into your blog will soon pay back