Glamorous WordPress Photo Portfolio Theme

It seems like this WordPress Portfolio Theme was created for an experienced, self-confident photographer, which is not afraid of public attention. He likes to be in the center of argument; his life is like a boiling mountain current. His works are high end, accurate and impeccable. If you recognize yourself, this superb Photo Portfolio is perfect for you. You won’t manage to stay inconspicuous; people will view your photos and discuss them. The home page of this glamorous WordPress photo portfolio contains all content blocks essential for keeping the user on your website. The visitor has the possibility to start viewing your creative shots immediately, which is a great advantage, of course.

However, to make this theme really personal, you should face the necessity of introducing some amendments. Being an artist, you may have your personal notion of your portfolio’s appearance. Our developers have foreseen your reasonable wish. WordPress platform lets you make any modifications and updates you might have in mind. Download your photos into the gallery, change logos, fonts and backgrounds, edit the content; WordPress software won’t demand too much knowledge or experience. We are sure you will get a perfect result and enjoy the process.

Amazing WordPress Photo Portfolio

If you are an artist denying traditional approach and valuing everything original, creative, far from common standards, you will appreciate our cool Photo Portfolio solution. It was created for people free from conventions and going against the stream, personalities deep in their attitudes and dreaming to make the world better by means of their talent. Do you think our description coincide with your inner position? If we hit the bull’s-eye, you are welcome to get acquainted with a Photo Portfolio reflecting your personality and conveying your ideas.

Have you ever seen something more outstanding and original? It’s the very case when cooperation of many professionals results in something peculiar, having no analogues. The designer uses the image of a good-looking purposeful young men as a background. The guy is getting ready to start his own heat for something known and desired only to him. He is dressed in a suit, but wearing running shoes on his feet. The position of his body expressively tells without words that he won’t lose his chance for success.

A slider is the main design element of the template. All visitor’s attention concentrates on the gallery images, being displayed at the moment. It has several navigation options. The user can enlarge the images and view them using either thumbnail based navigation or a scrolling bar. We believe that the solution is rather interesting and uncommon. Menu bar in the right upper corner of the page has a drop down facility. Due to specific design tricks and elements placement we can enjoy the effect of depth and perspective, which unconditionally introduce original touch to the template.


If you still hesitate as to this theme, we hope that WordPress platform will become the clincher in your mind argument. With such highly customizable software, you can post any changes into your Photo Portfolio and make it more personal and unique. You will be able to take part in the creative process and then be proud of the result. It’s a wonderful possibility not only to apply your artistic skills but to develop your own inimitable web presentation which will strike your visitors every time. Hereinafter you can learn more about the features of the described Photo Portfolio.

WordPress motif provides

What differentiates the others and this theme is that it’s likely to structure your blog design that is personal as you’d want it to be. The Atik theme contains a clean design made with internet stores in mind. A superior motif should be able to assist you to get a position . It is safer to receive your shopping cart customized. On the flip side, among the primary benefits of WordPress themes that are paid is that they’re designed by knowledgeable and professional designers. This WordPress motif provides diverse designs made to place your stories. Hence, the use of topics is significant for a website and can make it even more powerful and business driven to your proprietor Content on a website plays function in specifying the importance of the company type to the clients. Customized WordPress development is the task of designing , wire-framing and creating a web site that is customized to fulfill your organization needs in the very best way possible. In the place of just it’s the tool for blogging WordPress has come quite a distance, it’s becoming by itself. WordPress is among the most widely used and trusted open source content management system (CMS) that is widely useful to build up all sorts of websites like site web site, forum site, ecommerce site, news site etc. .. WordPress will allow people to impress. WordPress For Your Company It’s possible to optimize each page of their web site based on your own searchengine marketing requirements. If you should be applying ensure it’s likely to subscribe from the weblog to a enterprise newsletter. As a result of the absolute number of themes readily available and WordPress, everyone is able to cause a web site without needing to employ a programmer or learn code. WordPress Themes Because of this, you have to make positive that the themes are simple to customize. With this particular way it’s potential to grasp the best way and the WordPress topics to customize them. Lola WordPress theme is designed. WordPress Themes It’s possible to locate a range of WordPress themes which can be customized for simple use. Tailor made WordPress templates on the hand are superior templates that are available for download. These default themes are fine if you merely require an blog website. Probably one of the reason why to do the installation’s the upgraded version. You would wish to be in a position to try it out all the numerous versions at no cost and free from risk . You’re likely to get where it’s likely to plan each step of this way site that’s tailored to a company. WordPress Web Site Design Programs You can also put in tailor made modules and plugins into your site. For a free LMS it delivers a fantastic deal of features. Whatever feature you believe you want in your own site you may track down a plug in which could furnish the feature you are searching for. With an in built CRM’s help it delivers lots of traits that is likely to make their experience of obtaining the internet site a intense aid to the people. It lessens the requirement for tools. It is critical to add this feature within a website if it really wants to win consumers’ loyalty.

Black & White WordPress Photo Portfolio

With the variety of websites playing all colors of rainbow this modest Black & White Photo Portfolio stands out against the others very confidently and catches users’ eyes by its dissimilarity and deep author’s message. It’s easy to create an explosive effect having all possible tints and colors in your palette, but when your goal is to make the visitor think over, to awaken his hidden feelings, to turn his attention to visual and text content, here black and white color scheme can render the idea like no other. If your intentions coincide with our concept and you want to convey the message concealed in your artworks, this Photo Portfolio have all chances to become your personal web presentation.

In addition to the accuracy and professionalism of performance, this Black and White WordPress Photo Portfolio possesses high functionality and usability. Tender pink accents appearing in different places underline the essential information and look bright enough but not vulgar. The navigation of the template is simple and not confusing for the user. Its buttons and links gradually reveal all secret destinations of your photo studio. Footer area provides social icons for quick sharing of visitor’s impressions. The template has three sliders on the home page. The first one is in the header, where you can display all your featured works. The second and the third ones are in the content area, displaying Testimonials and Latest News & Events. Clicking on photos in a four column structure in the center on the content area, the user can enlarge them and view theme image galleries. Each gallery is supplied with description and read more button. As you see, the template meets all contemporary requirements for comprehensive web presence of a gifted artist.


This Black and White Photo Portfolio Theme was created on the bases of free open source WordPress software. It’s a great benefit for the future owner, as if you can work with Word; you will easily cope with WordPress. There are plenty of plugins for the given software, which widen your possibilities enormously. When you buy the theme as a template, you get a wonderful design, which needs only few strokes to acquire your personal style and character, but even if one day you decide to change everything, WordPress will support all your modification ideas. Moreover, you can update your WordPress website for security and new functionality in one click. The platform is very SEO friendly, so your customers won’t have troubles searching for you on the web. Your website will be very accessible, the web pages can be viewed on iPhones, BlackBerrys, Android, iPad, etc, WordPress is also acceptable for alternative browsers.
You can study the full list of template’s features below:

Grungy WordPress Photo Portfolio

Grunge style is a popular trend in modern web design. It’s a kind of protest against glamour and irreproachable beauty, sometimes very far from reality. Grunge website is a great way to show your uniqueness and dissimilarity with other sleek homogeneous pages. The author of our photo portfolio uses grungy texture in the background. This brief stroke is just a detail, but it creates the appropriate trustworthy atmosphere and reflects the artist’s position. When the visitors enter this website it seems as if they appeared in a studio during the work process and have a wonderful possibility to observe this exciting moment. Everything is true to reality therefore honest and attractive to the consumer.

Black and white layout of the theme has one bright yellow accent on the logo. Such efficient color play is a guarantee that your name will be noticed and remembered by the users. Menu has vertical position right under the logo. It is intensified by the fly out option. Social icons are in the right upper corner of the web page. The space for photographer’s life motto is under the sharing area. Let us admit that gallery is the home page of the theme, which is extremely good for promotion. Your adherents can enjoy your marvelous photos immediately after entering the website. When you place the mouse cursor over the image it becomes colored and a short description appears over the neighboring photo. The items are placed in a grid structure, ideal for presentation and perception. Footer area contains widgets guiding the users in their search.

What else you might need from your website except the beautiful layout, great product presentation and comprehensive navigation? An awesome CMS would be capital addition to this ultimate bundle of benefits. From the point of flexibility, simplicity and usability WordPress platform has no equals. It won’t take you too much time and effort to customize your portfolio even if your web development skills are smattering. Please feel free to study the list of template’s characteristic features below.