WordPress 4.9: 5 Reasons to Use It with Your Theme

So the WP team finally has a release candidate meant to see the world on November 14th. Perhaps you have already checked out one of the 4 beta versions of 4.9. And if not we advise you to check them out before you make a final decision to move to an updated CMS.


So far 4 betas have been issued for the WP users’ consideration to test and contribute. Here are 5 main upgrades and functions for you to check out:

  1. Theme customization versions. This new feature gives you an opportunity to save theme features adjustments as drafts rather than making them live. You can also send those drafts as change previews in URL or schedule when customization drafts will go live.
  2. Up-to-date code editor and it comes with automated completion, syntax mistakes underlining and code suggestions. The enhancement will autocorrect the bad parts for you however in case you don’t want syntax highlighting disable the option in your profile page.
  3. Images add-on in the rich text widget. When working on 4.8 you had to write HTML script in order to add a picture but in the 4.9 WP you have the “add media” toggle in the rich text widget top horizontal menu.
  4. Make your own gallery. The WP 4.8 has introduced the ever so popular audio, image, video and rich text widgets. Now the 4.9 version has a brand new gallery feature allowing you to create a WP gallery that can be posted in any widget ready theme.
  5. Various improvements. A lot of small corrections and enhancements are most likely to make it to the final 4.9 version such as better exploration menu mapping, circular data search in plugins and layout editors.


Check out the 4.9 beta trial plugin, you can get your hands on the release candidate on the WP web site. The final CMS version is much cleaner but it is still useful to keep track of the bug list. So far about 80 bugs have been fixed in the beta 4, 70 in beta 3, 70 in Beta 2 and 40 in Beta 1.

Testing and Contributions

Post about the errors you have found, there are dedicated alpha/beta support forums. Make a bug report on the WordPress development staff web site or check out the bug lists to see if it has already been noticed.

If you know a few languages how about contributing to the WP community and help translating it in order to help more people reach out to the biggest free CMS in the world. Anyway WP always delivers best results so you would not regret testing out a new version.

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